inverSOL’s goal is to leverage solar energy to power basic appliances, especially in areas frequently affected by natural disasters. Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria and the complete destruction of the electrical infrastructure, Puerto Rican residents needed a different solution to their energy crisis.


inverSOL is a subsidiary of Council Rock Enterprises LLC. Founded in 2009 by seasoned wireless industry engineers and executives. Council Rock is a full-service telecommunications engineering company, delivering world-class products and services for Smart Grid Communications.


inverSOL is portable power when you need it.  Don’t be left in the dark and rely on gas generators. Use Inversol products to power your refrigerator, LED lights, televisions, and smart phone charging because it is better for the environment and better for your wallet.

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inverSOL is proudly partnering with PathStone, a not-for-profit with “boots on the ground” in Puerto Rico for over 25 years. Donations will be used to offset the costs of providing inverSOL units to those still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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